Bloomberg 2020 Field Staffers Lawsuit


Why did the Bloomberg field staffers file a class action lawsuit against the Bloomberg campaign?

The Bloomberg field staffers filed this lawsuit, in part, because Bloomberg campaign falsely induced them to join the Bloomberg campaign based on a promise that they would work on the general election to fight and defeat Donald Trump in November, whether or not Michael Bloomberg was the Democratic nominee.  This promise was untrue and all or nearly all field staff were fired after Bloomberg dropped out of the presidential race in March 2020.

What legal claims are the Bloomberg field staffers asserting in the lawsuit?

The Bloomberg field staffers assert state law claims for fraudulent inducement and promissory estoppel.  Under these legal theories, the field staffers allege that they gave up material employment and educational opportunities to join the Bloomberg campaign based on the false promise of the opportunity to work to support the Democratic nominee for President during the general election.

How does a class action lawsuit work?

Class action lawsuits are a type of legal action where a complaint is filed on behalf of a group of people who were harmed by the same policy, practice, or conduct.

In a class action, one or more plaintiffs act on behalf of the entire group (i.e., the class).  Before a lawsuit can proceed as a class action, the named plaintiffs must file a motion asking the court to certify the class, and if the court certifies a class it will require that notice be provided to the class members.  In most class actions, the class members will have a right to exclude themselves from the class and pursue their own individual action.

What is the lawsuit trying to achieve?

This lawsuit is meant to compensate the Bloomberg field staffers for the wages, benefits, and other employment and educational opportunities they have lost due to the Bloomberg campaign’s false promises and later termination of the field staffers.

How long will the litigation take?

Class action lawsuits often take years before a trial is held.  However, it is possible for a class action lawsuit to settle without a trial at the early stages of litigation, which shortens the time that it takes for the class members to get relief.

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